2 Ways to Fix WordPress Memory limit Exhausted Error

memory limit exhausted error

Have You just saw an error on WordPress Memory Limit Used or WordPress Memory Exhausted Error?

Then read ahead, I will Solve Your Memory limit Fatal Error Problem in 2 ways, and that too within 2 minutes.

So have a Stopwatch 😀

Note: Basically this is not a coding error or anything like that. Instead, it is just a temporary Problem usually due to a plugin, theme, or other script exceeding the default allocated memory size limit. Don’t Worry You can solve it with much ease.

All You need to Increase WordPress Memory Limit in PHP from your End.

There are 2 Ways for it.

Increase WordPress Memory Limit in wpconfig.php file

Note: By default, the PHP Memory limit is Set to either 64 MB or 128MB (I had by default 128M fixed on my wpconfig.php file)

To increase the PHP Memory limit in the wpconfig.php file, you need to access your Webhosting files.

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It can be accessed either through an FTP client or directly through Root Directory in File Manager.

I had done through directly through File Manager, You can do it in whatever way it is comfortable to you.

  1. Under the public_html folder,
  2. Open WordPress Root Directory.
  3. Thereafter wp-config.php file
  4. Search for WP_MEMORY_LIMIT
  5. Change the Limit from “64M” or “128M” to “256M”
  6. Or either Paste this code:
    define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M');

Increase PHP Memory limit
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Increase WordPress Memory Limit in cPanel

This method is much simpler than the first one.

All you need to have a cPanel first.

Note: Every Webhost does not offer cPanel. So before choosing a web host, must assure that it has a cPanel. I am using Siteground and it has a cPanel.

cPanel Select the PHP version
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  1. Go to cPanel
  2. Search Software Section
  3. Click the “Select PHP Version”
  4. Click the Options Tab
  5. Go Down to “Memory_Limit
  6. Increase Memory limit to “256M”

Wordpress Memory limit php option
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Here You go! Once You have done this.

You will see your website Running well.

If still, it does not fix up yet. Then surely it will be a problem from your web host’s end.

Contact Customer Care Support.

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