3 Best 100% FREE Keyword Research tools for SEO to Rank 1 on Google

Best free Keyword Research tools to Rank 1 on Google

Keyword research is a crucial step before you start creating your content. Why? Because you want your content to be read by a broad audience and this is possible only when your potential readers can find your content using search terms or keywords that they type in popular search engines like Google.

But merely typing a search term or keyword in the search box will not result in traffic to your page. Instead, your page should appear among the top results on Google, preferably on the first page, to attract search traffic from your keywords.

That’s why proper keyword research is essential. If the keyword has low search volume or if it is too challenging to rank, then you will not get much search traffic to your pages.

But if your chosen keywords have moderate traffic volume and have easy to moderate ranking difficulty to rank on Google, then you can expect good traffic to your content from your target keywords.

In this post, I will show you how to use free keyword research tools for SEO to find the best performing keywords for your blog.

So, let’s get started.

Start with a Goal to find Medium / Long tail Keywords.

Our goal is to discover medium tail and long-tail keywords with moderate traffic and low competition. For this, the first step is to choose a broad search term in your selected niche and gradually zero in on medium tail and long-tail keywords.

Let’s say you are running a fitness blog. One of the highly searched keywords in this niche is “lose weight” or even “how to lose weight.”

These keyword terms produce more than 37 million search results on Google. This means they are highly competitive terms, and you have almost nil chances of ranking for these keywords.

Use Ubersuggest, the best free keyword research tool

So we fire up the free SEO tool Ubersuggest which is also the best free SEO analysis tool on the net at present by a wide margin.

There are many things you can do with this excellent tool, but right now, I will just stick with keyword research.

Enter the broad keyword phrase “how to lose weight” in the search box. You can also select the country for which you wish to obtain the keyword results. So, if you are targeting Indian users, select India from the drop-down and click Search.

ubersuggest free keyword research tool for seo
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You can instantly notice that the keyword has a high search volume, but it also has very high SEO difficulty of 53 and Paid difficulty of 99 which implies that it is a very competitive keyword.

So, click on Keyword Ideas under the submenu Ubersuggest on the left.

You can see that the tool is displaying 552 keyword suggestions and 3869 related keywords here, apart from questions, prepositions, and comparisons. Our goal is to find a few golden keywords from this rich keyword database.

Ubersuggest Keyword Ideas
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While choosing your keywords, keep an eye on the paid difficulty (PD) and search difficulty (SD).

High PD implies that the keyword has many ad listings on Google that appear on top of the organic search results. But it also means that the keyword has a high commercial value.

High SD implies that the keyword has high organic competition and is quite challenging to rank.

We don’t want to waste our efforts on such difficult keywords. The solution is to use the Filter feature to find our target keywords.

Click on the Filter toggle. There are again many options here.

In the Search Volume row, enter a minimum value of 50 and a maximum value of 200. In the SEO Difficulty row, enter the values of 1 and 20.

Ubersuggest Search Volume, Paid Difficulty, CPC, SEO difficulty
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Why are we using these parameters?

Because as I explained earlier, we should target medium tail and long-tail keywords having moderate traffic and easy to moderate ranking difficulty.

The higher the search volume, the greater will be the search difficulty.

Click Apply. Now you will discover exciting keywords with SD under 20 (highlighted in Green).

As you scroll down, you will discover long-tail keywords with lower search volume and lower difficulty like “how to lose weight after c section belly,” “how to lose weight in 7 days with exercise” and so on.

Click on these keywords to open the Keyword Overview panel on the right. Here Ubersuggest displays the average number of backlinks and the average domain score of the top 10 search pages.

Ubersuggest Keyword Overview
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Ubersuggest also displays the estimated visits that each page is getting for the keyword search and the number of social shares.

Your goal is to get the same or higher number of quality backlinks and social shares to rank on the first page of Google for the target keywords.

But don’t just stop here.

Find out more keywords using Related Keywords

Check out the Related Keywords suggestion of Ubersuggest to find better keywords.

For instance, I found a keyword “how to lose weight treadmill” that has 110 monthly searches and an SD of only 6. Looking at the Keyword Overview, I can see that the average number of backlinks for the pages that rank in the top 10 results is just 4.

To validate my keyword, I will manually search for the keyword on Google. I notice that very few pages are using the exact keyword or its phrase match in their titles and URLs.

So, do we have a winner on our hands?

Well somewhat. The only challenge is in the form of the high domain authority of the first page results even though these pages aren’t optimized for the target keyword, but still, they are ranking on the first page because they are authoritative blogs in the health and fitness niche according to Google.

To outrank these sites, you will need authority combined with the right keyword optimization.

But remember, health and fitness is a highly competitive niche. If you are finding keywords in a low to moderately competitive niche, this strategy will give you guaranteed keyword results.

Use Answer the Public keyword research tool for more keyword ideas

The second tool we will use is Answer the Public.

This fantastic free SEO tool pulls hundreds of keyword results from Google Suggest.

Enter an exact match like “lose weight” in the keyword search box and click on Get Questions.

It presents a beautiful visualization of the search results in different categories like questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabeticals and related.

In the visualization chart, the greener the circle before the keyword, the higher is the search volume for that keyword.

How to use Answer the Public best free keyword research tool online
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You can click on different keywords to figure out their ranking difficulty on Google.

If you feel that there are not many exact match results for the keyword, you should move to the next step of finding its search volume by popping the keyword in Ubersuggest.

If Ubersuggest shows decent search volume for the keyword, you can add it to your list, or if there is nil to negligible search volume, you can discard the keyword and move on to the next one.

Using this technique, I discovered a long tail keywordhow to lose weight with apple cider vinegar” that has 170 monthly searches in India and a search difficulty of only 6.

Some of the pages ranking on Google for this term are news sites with almost zero backlinks. If I were to optimize my content for this keyword and build a few quality backlinks, I could easily outrank these pages.

Use HubShout’s keyword research tool to steal your competitor’s best keywords

The third free tool to steal your competitor’s best keywords is HubShout. It pulls data from SEMRush so you can rest assured about the genuineness of the search results.

Just type in your competitor’s URL in the search box. Since I have used the Health and Fitness niche in the above keyword research methods, I will continue with the same here.

I will find the keywords that the healthy living blog healthbeckon.com ranks for on Google.

Once I pop in the URL and click submit, HubShout shows me different statistics for the domain. Right now, we are only interested in the blog’s keywords, so I click on See full keyword analysis under the Top Organic Keyword Rankings report.

Hubshout Keyword Analysis
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I can see that there are 5oo odd keywords the site ranks for on Google. The best part about this report is that all the columns are sortable.

Since we wish to uncover juicy long-tail keywords that are easy to rank for, I will sort Searches column in ascending order.

Now I can see some right long-tail keywords but with meagre search volume like “is black coffee help for losing weight”. I can identify other long-tail keywords with higher search volume.

Hubshout Keyword, Searches, CPC, Long Tail keyword Suggestion
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Then I can search for the keyword in Google. If I notice that there are not many pages in the top 10 results with the exact keyword in the title and URL, I will use Ubersuggest to find the number of backlinks to these pages to determine if I can outrank them with the correct SEO strategy.

We have seen three different free tools to discover golden long-tail keywords that will get you decent search traffic without too much effort.

How did you like these strategies and do you have more free keyword tools and tips to share? Let me know in the comments below.

Wrapping it Up!

From the above article, You will know the Importance of Keyword Research in the Blogging World. However Doing Keyword Research is not an easy task. Bloggers are paying huge amount of Money for just this exercise. Keyword Research tools on the one side are too costly.

One needs to better perform the SEO work to Rank on Top pages of Google. So to make these things easier and Free of cost I have thoroughly search the best free Keyword Research tools on the Internet, which perhaps I also use. These are :

  • Ubersuggest
  • Answer the Public
  • HubShout

However, there is another best free tool i.e. Google Keyword Planner. It is well known to almost every Blogger. Furthermore, it needs a whole new article to thoroughly mention on how to make best use of it. So Probably, You should stay tuned to Blogveda and Subscribe Blogveda from the Below Subscribe Button to get the Latest update much before than others.

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