Hi! there. Welcome to the Blogveda’s world. I hope you are doing well in life. So without any further delay let me tell you what is this free service about and why?

"This is an Exciting Opportunity for all the Passionate People who just want to Jumpstart Their Online Journey And Make Some Profit."$$$


This FREE service is for all the passionate people who want to quick-start their own profitable blogging journey. You can be Student, Employed, Self-Employed, Unemployed, Small Business Owners, Creative Minds like, Photographers, Video Editors/Makers, Musicians, Artists, Travelers, Food Explorers, YouTubers, anybody can avail this offer.

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Blogveda's Free Blog Setup Service

As you all know that the world is suffering due to this pandemic crisis. It has affected many lives in many ways. Many people are still struggling through unemployement and this numbber is growing. This situation has changed the traditional way of businesses and pushed everything to be online.

Maybe you’re also the one who is looking for some online opportunity where you can make some money through internet but don’t have any or much idea about it.

Don’t worry! That’s why we’re here to help you from scratch (start). Blogveda has decided to help passionate people to start their online journey through blogging and generate some income for themself.

It doesn’t matter what your background is. You can be student, employed, unemployed, business owner, anything. All what you need is Passion to make your dream come true. Your passion could be anything such as traveling, cooking, exploring different types of food, health & fitness freak, movie freak, photography, video making/editing, gaming, technology, news, gadgets, and what not. If you really have such passion or hobbies and don’t know how to use it to make money online then blogveda is here to help you out.

We will set up and customize a blog for you based on you passion or hobby and then will train you step-by-step for building a profitable online platform.

What is Blog?

Blog is a website or webpage where people put some piece of information or write anything they love or are passionate about.

In blogs, people share their thoughts, experiences, knowledge and express their passion.

What can you post on the blog?

Well, you can post about anything you love. To make it profitable, it should be provide some value to your reader or visiter who visits your blog. The value could be anything like some information, entertainment, etc. 

So, you can write about your travel stories, favorite places and some traveling tips if you are a traveler.

You can also write about different type of foods, cooking recipes, gaming strategy, gaming tips and tricks, best gadgets, latest technologies, educational stuff, job recruitments, movie reviews, gaming reviews, beauty tips and products reviews, fashion, celebrities, health and fitness, and lot more.

You just have to find out what your interest or hobby is and at what you are passionate about. And then pick that topic which is also called Niche.

I hope you are now clear about what blogging is, opportunities to earn online. And I also consider that you are now able to choose your Niche/Topic to start your online journey.

If you still have any questions or doubts then you can reach out to us by clicking on the facebook messenger icon from bottom of the page or you can send a message from the form given below.


  • Freedom of Time & Money (You can work from anywhere in the world, and anytime while making money online).
  • You are your own BOSS. You do not work under any third person.
  • You stay creative.
  • Refines your writing skill and become a good writer.
  • You will learn how to make money online.
  • Build a Network
  • You build trust with your audience by providing quality and relevent content which will help you to sell products and make more money online.


Requirements: Before you start your online journey, let me tell you you about the requirements that are must needed to go on. So, basically there are two thing that is required to start any blog or website and that are Domain Name and Web Hosting. And a budget of $75 (INR 4,000-5,000) approx.

Domain NameDomain Name is simply a name for your website or blog just like you have a name to identify you. (for e.g., is a domain of our blog.)

WebHosting: Every blog/website needs some space in the internet like we need home to stay. So, webhosting is a home in the internet for your website/blog. In webhosting, all your website/blog’s data and files are stored.

There are 3 Steps to avail this free service. Follow them to start your very first Profitable Online Journey.

STEP 1: Choose a Niche/Topic

The very first step is having a Niche  or Topic in which you want to make your blog or website.

I have already you a lot about the Niches. Niche is simply a topic in which you are more passionate about. Something you love doing, and enjoy that. In this thing you are really good at. So, think about it and find out your passion, your interest, your hobby.

For your ease here are some Niches or Topics:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Gaming (e.g., Strategies, Reviews, Tips & Tricks)
  • Latest Technology
  • Gadgets (e.g., Amazing Gadgets, Latest Gadgets, Reviews, etc)
  • Travel (e.g., Best Places, Travel stories, Tips etc.)
  • Cooking (e.g., Recipes, Tips, etc)
  • Movies Review
  • News
  • Education (e.g., Tutorials, Notes, etc.)
  • Job (Posting Job recruitments)
  • Lifestyle (e.g., Beauty, Fashion, Celebrities, etc.)

Once you have decided your Niche, second step is to choose a name for your blog/website. So choose a good unique name for your blog.

Remember the name should be easy to spell and be remembered. Don’t make it too complicated to be remembered. Choose a name of 1-2 words.

if you have decided a name then click on the button below and register your domain name. If you haven’t decided yet then bookmark this page and come back later after deciding a name.

Note: Note down all the possible names in a notebook you have thought for your blog. Sometimes, the name you have thought are not available and are already taken by somebody else.

STEP 3: Buy a WebHosting

Now the final step here is to have a webhosting.

As I already told that webhosting is a home or property for your blog/website. So, it’s required to start your online journey.

Click on the button given below to buy your hosting.

Are You From India?

Once you are done with the process of buying the Domain Name & WebHosting, send us the purchasing receipt from any of the following medium:


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    Our team will verify your purchase and get back to you to setup your blog/website.

    If you still have any confusion then you can reach out to us using any medium(FacebookInstagramEmail, or through the Contact Us button given below), we will clear your all doubts.

    Still having doubts? Send us your message, and we’ll get back to you soon!


    In short, to start your blogging journey, you have to follow these two steps:

    1. Buy a Domain Name & Webhosting from my affiliate links given above. You must have to buy from my affiliate links to avail this FREE service.
    2. Send your purchase receipt to me from the above form or email me the receipt.

    Disclaimer: If you purchase the domain or hosting through our affiliate link then we might get a small affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.