How to Start a Blog: 5 STEPS in 5 Minutes full BEGINNERS Guide (2020)

How to Start a Blog

OK! Let me not just tell you How to Start a Blog, Let me Guide you on How you can create your own Blog that can Go Viral and Earn Your First $100 ASAP.

I will tell you How I created my First Blog (Some 8 years Back, when I didn’t Knew even what I am Going to do for that).

First of All let me tell you that their is NO Need of  Coding and Technical Knowledge. Even if it’s your First time with Blogging.

In Reality you will probably experience a Technical Sort of thing but till then you will Master of it.

Confession- My First Blog was About Something I didn’t knew till Now, I started up with BLOGGER. Going through WEEBLY, WIX, JOOMLA, MEDIUM, SQUARESPACE, DRUPAL and Last but not the Least i.e. WORDPRESS. I have done “Hit and Try” Method to Learn and Gain.

So now Let me tell you Step by Step with Pictures on How to Start a Blog of your own with SIMPLEST and NO Technical Skills Required. There are 5 Steps Required, it will Probably take 15-20 Minutes at most.

But, Before Going to Start the Following Steps, Let me Break Some Most Commonly Discussed Myths to make you doubt-free and Stress-free.

Myth.1- It Costs thousand of Dollars to Start a Blog!

You will be Amazed if I tell You that You can start a Blog for Free as well.

Yes! Google’s Blogging Platform Allows us to Start a Blog for free, BLOGGER. Their are Even more Free Blogging Platform, but I Recommend you Blogger if you are going to Start with $0.

Furthermore I will not Recommend to Start with a Free Blog Platform (Reasons are Given Below in Step 2).

Myth.2- To Start a Blog, You Need a Professional Skill.

I told you about my Blogging Experience, 8 years back I didn’t have any knowledge even I didn’t knew that what is Blogging all About. But I made My First $100 Some 5-6 Months later (Still didn’t have any Technical Skill).

Myth.3- At least One Should Know languages like HTML, JAVA, or PHP to Make a Dynamic Blog.

This is a Typical Example of Non-Sense talks, If you are Going to make a Blog or WebSite through Coding even then you didn’t Need it. There is NO Need of any Language Knowledge.

Steps By Step Guide on How to Start a Blog (with Pictures)


STEP- 1. Choose a Niche or Subject for your Blog.

Almost 90% of the Bloggers Starts a Blog without choosing any Niche or Content about their Blog.

That Makes a Mistake and as a Result they End up Loosing the Quantity and Quality of Traffic.

But How and Why?

Suppose You Opened a Book Shop, You have Invested a Huge Capital for it.

But You also Sells Beauty Products plus Medicines plus Sports Equipment Furthermore with Musical Instruments too.

Now Your Shop is Good, You Started Believing that this Idea Gonna Rock the Town then Please Atleast think about your Near Town ShopKeepers  why they did’t tried it.

  1. Your Quality will get deteriorated, As Your Capital will not be Invested only in Books.
  2. Your Customer will not be interested to come at your shop, As a Result they will choose a shop of Book Specialist Only.

So these are the Reasons Works with your blog too. Your Blog Users will Bounce Back, will not Open Furthermore Pages cause it is not of their Interest. Due to this Your Page will Result to the Lower Most Position in Google Page Ranking.

Top 5 Topics to Start a Blog, How to Start a blog
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Top 5 Topics to Start a Blog

Here’s a List of Topics You can Get an Idea to Start with and create your blog!

  • SEO
  • DIY
  • Science
  • History
  • Technology
  • PhotoGraphy
  • Movie Review
  • Sports
  • Beauty
  • Real Estate
  • Food
  • Cloths/ Fashion
  • Entertainment
  • Economics
  • Government Job/ Career
  • NEWS and Politics
  • Status and Jokes
  • Psychology Related
  • Environment Related
  • How to’s (that’s too for a Particular Niche)
  • Blogging and WordPress Tutorials
  • Spiritualism
  • Astrology and Tarot Card Reading
  • Gadgets Review
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Gaming and Animation
  • Funny Stuffs
  • Travelling Review
  • Health
  • Music

Expert Opinion Choose that Topic which you Enjoy and You are Excited About. Furthermore You should also have a bit of knowledge of that Particular Topic.

Step-2. Choose the best Blogging Platform.

There are More than Hundreds of Blogging Platform Across the Internet. Let me Name few of them in list.

CMS/ Blogging Platform Popularity, how to create a blog
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CMS/ Blogging Platform Popularity
  • WIX
  • WEBS
  • TYPO3

The list goes on. So which Platform Does you Have to Choose?

In My Opinion, I will Recommend you that Platform on which My BlogVeda is Running on. I am Using WordPress Platform Right Now. But, Hang on! which WordPress Platform I am Using?

Yes! You got it Right. WordPress is itself of 2 Types:

  1. (SELF-HOSTED, BlogVeda is using this Platform)
  2. (Hosted by WordPress)

So, How the is different from is Self-Hosted, that Means it is Hosted on a Particular Web Host Platform.

I Recommend Platform Because it gives limitless Freedom to Earn and Design Your Blog on your Own Way.

In Contrast to it, the Platform does not Allow Users to Access more than 5500+ Themes and 45000+ Free Plugins.

More than 92% of the Websites are Running on Platform.

World’s Top-Most Bloggers who are Generating more than $100,000/month uses this Platform and Highly Recommend it.

Even You can Run Endless Advertisement on Platform without any Hassle.

Plus there are no Forced Ads on it as it is being displayed on Platform.

There are a Billions of Reason that Why should You Choose WordPress to create your own Blog?

Now I hope have made your choice over which WordPress to go with.

That’s Great! But Hey! don’t get Immediately Rushed Over to Setup your Blog Now.

There are few Important Steps You should know before Configuring your WordPress Setup.

So, Avoid Mistakes and Follow the Steps Ahead.

In between Let me Tell You why you should not Start your Blog with Blogger (the best Free Blogging Platform).

  • Your Site will be Hard to find. Free Blogging Platforms Allows Little SEO to work. If, You go to Blogger then You will Find that there is NO Option of Focus Keywords.
  • Risk of Losing Your Hard Worked Precious Data.
  • You can’t Design and Customize Your Theme the Way You Want.
  • To Switch on over Different Platform is Far more Impossible and Expensive.
  • Free Blogging Platform Reserves the Right to display forced ads.

Step-3. Pick a Domain Name.

Few Web Host Platform Provides free Domain While You Register them, but they Asks an Extra Charge For Domain Privacy/ Whois Guard.


NameCheap Domain at $0.88, how to find the cheapest domain name
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NameCheap Domain at $0.88

So what is Whois Guard All about?

What is Guard?, how to create a secure blog?
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Check My Site on


How to Enable Guard, how to create a secure blog of your own?
  • Save Guard Enable Domain


Whois Guard is the Most Needed Feature when you Purchase a Domain.

Simply, it is the Protection of Your Contact and Other Details from Spammers.

It is Your Contact Detail you gives to the Domain Provider Firm, they Sell it to the Web Hosting Providers, Bulk SMS or E-Mail Service Provider, or Many other types of Firms too.

And the Minute when you Purchase  the Domain they Start Giving You SPAM SMS, CALLS, and E-Mails to sell their Services.

And these are Extremely Annoying. I have Experienced it when I have Purchased My domain from Godaddy.

And have Recieved a Total 278 SMS, 90-100 Calls, and Unlimited E-Mails which I am Still Receiving After 2 Years.

I have bought My Domain from NameCheap and only at $1.06 ($0.88 Domain Price + $0.18 ICANN Fee Charge).

They Provided me a Free Whois Guard all Only at $1.06 This was Unbelievable. Check out My Domain Detail on .

Step-4. Find Your Web Host.

Q.1- What is Web Host?

Web host is a Space like Memory Drive where you Store your WebPages/ WebSites/ or Blog. People Find these Files through your Domain Name.

So, till Now you have Learned about and Domain Name to Start your Blog.

But One thing I tell you that WordPress is Simply a Software or Compilation of Coded Files which you can Download on your PC or Mobile Devices. It would not be Accessible to others until you have a Web Host.

WordPress is Installed on the Web Host, where it can be Accessible to the World through your Domain Name. I hope I have made it learnt you all about What is a Domain and Web Host? and I also Hope that you have learnt 3/4th of How to Start a Blog? till now.

So Which Web Host You should Buy?

Generally I Review and Recommend things to People which I have Personally Used.

I am Using SITEGROUND Web Host and Believe me or not, it’s Just Mind Blowing. I Never Ever have came up with any of Error Code Problems till Now.

Before it You can Read My Review on Siteground’s StartUp Plan.

You have to See a lot of things before purchasing a Web Host, for example You should know it’s RAM, CPU Limit, I/O Usage Limit, Entry Processes Usage Limit, File Usage Limit, and a Lot more.


Why I Personally Use SiteGround Over Others?

  • I am Personally Using it Since More than 8 years on My 4 out of 5 Blogs.
  • It’s RAM, CPU Usage Limit, I/O Usage Limit, Entry Processes Limit, File Usage Limit is way too High Compared to others.
  • It is 99.99% Uptime (I have Never Seen Any Error Code on My Web Host Ever Since 8 Years)
  • SiteGound is truely very fast, Loads a huge Amount of Data within less than a Second.
  • It is One of the Cheapest Web Host (When You Apply Coupon).
  • They Provide 100% Money Back Guarantee, If you Find it Not Better than Others. But I can Bet You don’t have to ask for it.
  • If Still in Doubt,Click and Check out their Real Clients Review.

Click here to Get 66% OFF on any Siteground’s Plan

Click on the above Coupon link to Start the first Step. (Don’t Worry! This Link will be Opened in a New Tab, So that You can Refer these Steps to Go Ahead and finish off creating your own blog)

SiteGround Web Host SignUp Page, create a blog
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SiteGround Web Host SignUp Page

Choose Your Siteground’s Hosting Plan

Select a Plan as per Your Need, I Recommend you to the Cheapest One i.e. the StartUp Plan. It will be very Much Enough as to Start a Blog. Click the Orange “Get Started” Button.

SiteGround Shared Hosting Plans, how to start a blog on wordpress
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SiteGround Shared Hosting Plans


On the Next Step Enter a Domain If You Already have. Or buy it From NameCheap at $0.88 only.

I Suggest you to Don’t Buy it From SiteGround, as it will Cost You $15.95 for the Same $0.88 Priced Domain.

Click I Already have a Domain if you have one. Fill up Your Domain Name and Click Proceed.

SiteGround Domain Name Selection, how to create a wordpress blog
  • Save
Add Your Domain Name here

On the Next Step Enter Your Account Info.

Make Sure You Use a valid and Usable E-Mail id because a Confirmation E-Mail will be sent to Your E-Mail id, and Also Make Sure you put a Strong Password too, the Password will be used to Sign in Later.

Fill up Your Account info SiteGround, create a wordpress blog
  • Save
Fill up Your Account info


Go Ahead and Fill the Client Info, Make it Real.

Give Details on the Payment Info. to make the Purchase.

Fill up Your Payment Info SiteGround Web Host, how to start a wordpress blog
  • Save
Fill up Your Client & Payment Info


On the Purchase Information Section, Choose the Period For How long you are Going to Pay for Your Blog. Choose for 12 Months, if I Say.

Confirm the Terms and Conditions and Click the Blue Pay Now Button.

Pay Now to Buy SiteGround Web Host, how to start a blog
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Click Pay Now


If You Find any Difficulty while Paying them (As You will Find Only 2 Way of Payment i.e. through Credit Card and PayPal).

If You Do Not have a PayPal Account or a Credit Card, Just Don’t Worry.

Just have a Live Chat with them (they will Reply you within 20 Seconds and that’s My Guarantee. I have talked to them a lot of Times to Just Review SiteGround’s Customer Support Service).

And tell them that you don’t have a PayPal Account Neither You have a Credit Card.

They will Help You Immediately. They will give you a Link that opts you in for a Debit Card Payment.

Well Comment here as well about your SiteGround’s Customer Support Experience too. So that Others will know from different Sides too.

SiteGround Web Host Account Created, create a blog
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SiteGround Web Host Account Created


Step-5. Configure Your WordPress and Start Writing.

CONGRATULATIONS! For Choosing one of the Best Web Host. Now You have to Link Your Domain Name with your SiteGround Web Host.

For it You don’t Have to Mug Up a Lot.

Q.1- What is Name Server and DNS?

Name server is a server that handles location queries of your Domain Name’s various services such as website, emails and so on. It is also a part of the Domain Name System (DNS) which maintains a directory of domain names and translate them to IP addresses.

In Short Name Server Links the Domain Name with Web Host, with the Help of DNS.

  • Just Signin to your NameCheap (Or Any other which You have) Domain Account.
  • Go to DashBoard Area.

  • NameCheap Dashboard, how to setup a blog on wordpress
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    NameCheap Dashboard

  • You will Find Your Domain Name on the Right Hand Side, Simply Click on the Manage Button.

    NameCheap NameServer Area, how to set up a blog
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    NameCheap NameServer Area

  • Now on the Next Screen, After You Scroll Down. You will Find a Name Server Section.
  • There are 2 Box Area which are to be Filled Up Now. These are the Name Servers You will Find on your SiteGround Web Host Account.
  • To Find these Name Server Just Open a New Tab on Your Web Browser.
  • Open User Area.
  • Go to My Account.
  • Then Navigate to Information and Settings.
  • It will Open a Page Account Management Information, Scroll Down and Look at The Account DNS Sub-Section.
  • Here You Will Find the Pairs Of Name Server, Copy it Simply.
  • Paste the 1st Copied NameServer to NameCheap’s  1st NameServer Box.
  • Paste the 2nd Copied NameServer to NameCheap’s 2nd NameServer Box.

Hey! I know You are Mugged Up Now. Don’t Worry If you are Tired, Leave it Now it can Be Continued the Next Time You Back Again. If You are Still Excited, then Lets Rock the Blogging World.

Your Domain Name is Now linked up with your SiteGround Web Host. But the Work is Not yet Completed. You Need to Install WordPress on your Web host Now. And the Good News is, it’s way too Simple. Let me Provide you Some ScreenShots as How I did it.

  • Just Go to SiteGround’s User Area.
    SiteGround Web Host Login Page, how to setup wordpress
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    SiteGround Web Host Login Page

  • Your Cpanel will be Opened Now.

    SiteGround Cpanel, wordpress cpanel guide
    • Save
    SiteGround Cpanel

  • Click on My Account.
  • You will see a Section Named WordPress Tools.
  • Click on the WordPress Installer there.

    SiteGround Cpanel WordPress Installer, setup wprdpress
    • Save
    SiteGround Cpanel WordPress Installer

  • There WordPress Installation is Done through Softaculous Installer.
  • On this Screen, Choose Protocol to https://

    Install WordPress On SiteGround through Softaculous, how to install wordpress
    • Save
    Install WordPress On SiteGround through Softaculous

  • Write down Your Domain Name on the Below Area.
  • Fill up the Site Name
  • Enter an UserName, Make it other than Admin
  • Enter a Secure and Strong Password.

    WordPress Installation Steps on SiteGound Web Host, how to start a blog
    • Save
    WordPress Installation Steps on SiteGound Web Host

  • Choose Language
  • Choose any Theme You Want.
  • Now Finally Click Install.
    WordPress Installation Last Step on SiteGround Web Host, start a blog
    • Save
    WordPress Installation Last Step on SiteGround Web Host

First of All, Another Congratulations! You have Just Installed WordPress on your SiteGround Web Host.

Now Your Journey to the Blogging is Now Begun. You can Now Login to Your WordPress Account by Going to an URL i.e. ( Before Going Forward to Write Your First Article, Let me Recommend You Few Settings to Enjoy Blogging Seemless.

  • Go to The Users Section on the Left Side of Your WordPress Screen and Change the Username of Your Blog to Something Secure, admin is the Most Common and Pre-Available Username and it can be Hacked Easily.

    Wp User Setting, how to change wordpress username
    • Save
    Wp User Setting

  • Then Settings, and then Click on General Settings. Review and Rewrite Your Site Title and Tagline as per your wish.
  • Go to Permalinks, and Then Change Your Permalinks to Custom Structure. I can Explain You Why in the Future Posts.
  • Click to know How to Write your First Blog Post/ First Article in 6 Simple Steps within 5 Minutes.


Hey! You have Read 2745 words Just Now! If you have Something to Add in this “How to Start a Blog” Article then let me Know. And if you have learnt to Create your own Blog from this Article, then please don’t Forget to Share it with your Friends, Colleagues and Family.

BlogVeda will always be Happy to give you Quality Content all the Time,

So Subscribe BlogVeda and Learn Everything about Blogging.


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