(Beginner’s Guide) How to Write a Blog in WordPress: Quick and Easy

How to write a Blog

How to Write a Blog Post in WordPress

Does Your Mind say “I want to Write a Blog” or Do you want to Create Your First Blog Post, So Let me be Quick to guide you about How to Write a Blog Post in WordPress, I mean how to write your First WordPress Blog Post?

There are 6 Steps I have Mentioned here to make it very easy to Write and Publish your Article on your WordPress Blog within 5 Minutes.

I hope that you already have created your Blog till Now, and are just looking to create your first blog post.

If you Still haven’t created your WordPress Blog or Website, Don’t Worry just follow this Step-by-Step Guide on How to create your Blog within few Minutes and Come Back ASAP.

Steps to Write Your First Blog Post

  1. Log in to WordPress.
  2. Click Add New Post.
  3. Learn all about all Buttons.
  4. Start Writing.
  5. Edit Your Permalink.
  6. Add Extra Stuff and Hit Publish.

Step-1. Log in to WordPress.

Login to Your WordPress Blog Create your first wordpress blog post
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Login to Your WordPress Blog

Just Simply Type (yourdomainname.com/admin), When you install the WordPress, You Setup a username and a password there. Just Simply put down the Username and Password on the Screen. Press Login and then you will be redirected to the Dashboard Area of your Blog.

Step-2. Click Add New Post.

Add new post How to write a blog
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Add new post

On Your WordPress Dashboard, Hover on Post and Click Add New Post. This will Redirect you to a New User Interface. You will See a Writing Pad/ Editing Area of your Post.

Step-3. Learn All About All Buttons.

Formatting Options how to write a blog
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Formatting Options

The First thing is there are two types Editing Formats, 1st is Visual and the 2nd is Text Editor. Visual is WYSIWYG i.e. What You See IWhat You Get  Editor. At Visual Editor You Got to See as it is as What You Write and What You Add at there. Whereas the Text Editor is where you have to write HTML codes. You Put Ugly HTML codes and it Results into Something Beautiful. Both Visual Editor and Text Editor are Similar. But Visual Editor is far more Simple and Easy than the latter one.

In the Visual Tab, On Below the Add Media Button, You will See the Formatting Options such as

  1. Highlight Your text as Heading, Sub-Heading, or Paragraph.
  2. This Text is Written In BlockQuote. It is Used to Highlight or Point Out anything Important in your article.
  3. This is used to Insert Any link on your Article, the link is the URL of any website. It can be Your’s Website or it can be of others.
  4. If You want to paste Content that Contains Links, Bold text, Italic Text, etc, or any Rich Content written in Microsoft Word into Plain Text. Then before Pasting your Content don’t Forget to Toggle this Button First.
  5. It can be Used to Insert your sentence into a Bulleted list as a Sub-Bulleted List. Or you can end the Bulleted/ Numbered List by Using Decrease indent or Increase Indent.

Step-4. Start Writing.

Add Title and Write Your Article in wordpress how to start a Blog on wordpress
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Add Title and Write Your Article

Err How to Write a Blog. Just Simply Add a Post Title, Make it Attractive and Very Impressive. Remember! it is the Heading 1 of your Article. So don’t Use Heading 1 Another time within your whole Article. It is not Good for SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization.

Tip- Basically when you write an article it does not get views by itself. Doesn’t Matter how well you wrote Your Article. You have to Rank your Article on Search Engines Like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc to make the Public Search and Click on it. It needs a Good SEO, without it, Your Article can Never be Visible to People Around the World through Search. A good SEO Contains Keyword on which Your Article is Ranked On.

Suppose You make a query on Google. Google now Relates your query term to a Specified Keyword and then Lists the Number of Websites accordingly, It uses different Algorithms. Here You have to Add this Keyword On Your Article a different number of times. I use a tool called SemRush to Generate my Keyword and Rank my Article on Top.

Click Below and Search for Something and let yourself Know the Real Keyword For it.

Don’t forget to put this Keyword on your Post title too, But try not to make your Post title Irrelevant. Now Start Writing Your Article. Make it Real and Original. Copying the Content will deteriorate your Google Ranking.

Add Permalink to create your first blog post
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Add Permalink

Permalink is the URL of your Article. Keyword should also be used here too. Make it very close to your Content. Someone would search it on Google and will find it Relevant to Click and Spend Time Reading it.

Step-6. Add Extra Stuff and Hit Publish.

Meanwhile, You write Article, Just Glance at the Right Side of your Screen.

  • Publish Section WordPress to write a blog
    • Save
    Under the Publish Section, You can Save Your Article as a Draft So that You can Edit it Again before Publishing it. Save Draft will Save Your Article as Unpublished and will not be shown to others. You can click on Preview Button to Check out How your Article will look Like.
  • how to write your first blog post on wordpress
    • Save
    Under the Format Section, You will Option like Standard, Image, Video, Gallery, and Audio. You don’t have to make any Change. Just leave it as Marked Standard.
  • How to write a blog Category
    • Save
    This is a list of BlogVeda’s Category

    Below it You can See a Category Option. You have to Add a Category Under which your Article can be Best Defined. For example, if you write an Article About iPhone then You can make it your Category as Mobile Phone. Here Again, make it very Relevant to your Article. Categorize Your Content with Real Meaning Category.

  • Tags are just the label of your Article. Tag Specifies Topics or Sub-Topics under your Article. There can be one or more than one Article Under a Single and Same Tag. It can be Best used to Put your Keyword.
  • Featured Image is the main or the Pinned Image of your Article. It is this Image that becomes Visible to Social Sites or Other Sites where you share the link of your Post. It will be Visible on Top of Your Article. As You can See this Article, the Featured Image is Visible on Top of the Page.

Hit Publish

I Hope till Now You are Knowing Almost Everything About How to Write a Blog Post, and Have Done Creating Your First WordPress Article. The Last thing Remaining is to make Your Article Visible to the Public. For it, You have to Hit the Publish Button.

Congrats You have Read 1151 Words till Now. If You want to Add More things then you are Most Welcome. If You Find this “How to Write a BlogArticle Helpful then Don’t Forget to Share it with Your Friends On Facebook, Twitter, etc. Subscribe to us and Get Notified for more Tutorials.

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