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Are You here for Siteground Coupons? If Yes! Then Go ahead, Siteground is again back with much bigger Special Discount Offers in Siteground’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale. In this Discount Guide we have made Discount Coupon or Promo Coupon/code. This Siteground Coupon will Offer You a HUGE DISCOUNT of 75% OFF.

Activate Siteground 75% OFF

Note:  This 75% OFF is a Limited Period Offer. It will be Valid till 2nd December of 2019. Later on, the Discount will be Reduced to 60% OFF only. So be HURRY! And Get this Deal Now or You will Loose a Big 75% OFF Deal thereafter.

PLUS We are giving a $25 Cashback to every Followers of Blogveda, who purchase this Siteground Hosting from our Link. Remember this is an EXCLUSIVE Deal. No one on the Internet will Provide Such a Huge Cashback Offer.

Below in this page we have guided to how you can get this Cashback after you make a purchase of this Siteground Hosting.

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How to Grab this Siteground Coupons and Promo/ Discount Code Deal Right Away Now!

Getting Your Siteground Discount Coupon or Hosting Coupon is very Much Easy. There is no need to apply any Promo/ Discount Code, it is Already Applied in the Siteground Coupons Code Link.

Steps to Apply Siteground Discount Coupon Code:

Click here to Activate the 75% OFF Siteground Coupons Code

  • Click on the Siteground coupons code mentioned above. No Worry it will be opened in a New Window. You will be Redirected to Siteground Web Hosting Page.
  • By default I have made it to land directly on Shared Hosting Plans, Because they are cheaper and Good if you are Purchasing for a business or Enterprises. However You can Decide which Plans you want to choose, It’s Your Opinion.
  • The Shared Hosting has 3 Planse. StartUp Hosting Plan, GrowBig Hosting Plan, and GoGeek Hosting Plan. All Plans have a Discount of 75% OFF. I recommend you to choose as per your need and Profitablity.
  • Enter a Domain (If You already have a Domain) or Register it from there. I recommend you to do not purchase a Domain from there. It will cost you $15.95, which in my Opinion is totally an Unreasonable Price. Better Buy it from Godaddy or Namecheap or any Domain Registrar Company which will provide you the domain name in cheaper Price.
  • Click “Order Now” on the choosen Discount Hosting Plan.
  • Fill Out the Required informatione. about your Account, Billing and Plan Details.
  • Choose one Server Location, it could be whether Singapore, United Kingdom, USA or Europe.
  • Now Click “Pay Now”.

Done! That’s it. Now You have availed a Webhost with a 75% Discount Offer. You are Now ready to create your website. Click here to know How to Install WordPress on your Website.

Which Siteground Plan to Choose?

Siteground offers different hosting plans for different needs. It has a great range of hosting plans.

You can choose a criteria like Your Website Niche Market, if you are an enterprise? Or You are a blogger, or What is your website’s traffic or what it is going to be in future with pragmatic measures.

Activate the Siteground Coupons and Promo Discount Code Now

I have listed here 6 types of Siteground Hosting Plans, there is one more i.e. an Enterprise Hosting Plan which I think no need to mention. Enterprises directly can contact Siteground about it, they will provide them as per their customization and need.

Siteground Hosting Platforms
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Siteground Shared Hosting Plans

What is Shared Hosting?

 Shared hosting is where a single physical server hosts multiple sites. Many users utilize the resources on a single server, which keeps the costs low. Each User get a section of a server in which they can host their website files.

The customer using the shared hosting platform’s server has access to features like databases, monthly traffic, disk space, email accounts, FTP accounts and other add-ons offered by the host.

Each User gets a percentage of everything from RAM and CPU, and other elements such as the single MySQL server, Apache server, and mail server.


Is Shared Hosting Right for You?

Shared hosting is the right choice for your site if you:


  • Have little experience with web hosting
  • Want to keep costs down
  • Are designing a small business website, or something for friends or family
  • Don’t require access to extensive web programming
  • Are studying applications like Joomla or WordPress
  • Are running a small business or startup
  • Are experimenting with web design and coding


Siteground Shared Hosing is a Linux based web hosting, Supports Apache Server. It’s Performance is 99.99% Uptime as I already using it on my website. It got down only once since last 4 years and that too for 5 minutes only.

Siteground Shared Hosting comes with 3 kind of Plans.

Siteground GrowBig Hosting Plan

I f you are a beginner, like I was 9 years back and want to host a single website. With Website not having too much of traffic, I mean not more than 10k – 15k. Then it is Perfect for you.

Plan Pricing : $2.98/month (After Coupon Code Applied) , Regular Pricing : $11.95/month.

ACTIVATE the Siteground Coupons Code Now

Plan Features

  • For 1 WebSite.
  • 10 GB WebSpace.
  • Upto 10000 Visits Monthly.
  • Free SiteBuilder.
  • Free SSL and HTTPS.
  • Free Email Account.
  • Free Cloudflare CDN.
  • Free Daily Backups.
  • 24/7 Support.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • Unmetered Traffic.
  • Unlimited MySQL.
  • Free SSH.

Siteground GrowBig Hosting Plan

If You are Trasferring your site from one webhost to Siteground because of out of Resource, If Your Site Traffic is below 25k. And also If You want to Host more than one Website and Increase your site Speed, then it is the Best Plan for you.

Plan Pricing : $4.98/month (After 75% OFF Coupon Code Applied) , Regular Pricing : $19.95/month.

ACTIVATE the Siteground Coupons Code Now

Plan Features

  • Premium Features
    • Extra Help on Free Site Transfer.
    • SuperCacher + for Extra High Speed.
    • Advance On-Demand BackUp.
    • WordPress Staging.
    • Priority Technical Support
    • Add Collaborators to your Site Feature.


  • For Multiple WebSites.
  • 20 GB WebSpace.
  • Free SSL and HTTPS.
  • Upto 25000 Visits Monthly.
  • Free SiteBuilder.
  • Unmetered Traffic.
  • Free Email Account.
  • Free Cloudflare CDN.
  • 24/7 Support.
  • Free Daily Backups.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited MySQL.
  • Free SSH.

Siteground GoGeek Hosting Plan

If Your Website’s Traffic is Grown too much i.e. above 25k upto 100,000/month. And if you have gone out of Resources and needs Good Amount of Space and other Hosting Resource.

IN SHORT : If you have become Richer then it is the best plan for you. Here with Siteground coupons Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale Offer You will get the Highest of All Discount Offers i.e. 75% OFF.

Plan Pricing : $8.68/month (After 75% OFF Coupon Code Applied) , Regular Pricing : $34.95/month.

ACTIVATE the 75% OFF Siteground Coupons Code Now

Plan Features

  • Geeky Features
    • Advance Priority Support.
    • The Most Server Resources.
    • One Click Git Repo Creation.
    • Manage White Label Hosting and Clients.


  • Premium Features
    • Extra Help on Free Site Transfer.
    • SuperCacher + for Extra High Speed.
    • Advance On-Demand BackUp.
    • WordPress Staging.
    • One Click Git Creation.
    • Add Collaborators to your Site Feature.


  • For Multiple WebSites.
  • 30 GB WebSpace.
  • Upto 100,000 Visits Monthly.
  • Free Email Account.
  • Free SiteBuilder.
  • Free SSL and HTTPS.
  • Unmetered Traffic.
  • Free Cloudflare CDN.
  • Free Daily Backups.
  • 24/7 Support.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee i.e. SiteGround Free Trial 1 month Guarantee.
  • Unlimited MySQL.
  • Free SSH.

Siteground Hosting Plan 60% OFF Coupon Code
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Why to Choose Siteground Coupons/ Discount Code 2019?

Siteground Speed Technology
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Siteground is the best of all web hosting when it comes to Speed, Security, Reasonable Pricing. It  has collaborated with WooCommerce as WooCommerce Hosting that boost your Online business with Ease.

And with WordPress it’s Popularity is not unknown.

  • Siteground Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Sale.
    Web Hosting
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This is a limited Period Discount Coupon Code 75% OFF. If one is Planning to buy a webhost then he/she should in no time lag choose this webhost.

So HURRY! Grab this 75% OFF Siteground Coupons deal Now. Even I had purchased it for my future use cause this OFFER is I am not going to get again in time.

  • Siteground is Recommended by WordPress.

Matt Mullenweg, the founding developer of WordPress pursued a detailed survey based on a comprehensive look at all of the options available, including service monitoring and “secret shopper” interactions with our support over the past couple of months.

Matt with his WordPress team later on Considered Siteground to be included in the WordPress Webhosting Recommended List.

  • Reasonable Siteground Pricing.

If You are not an Enterprise or an Agency, then Webhost Pricing becomes the most important criteria before choosing a webhost, without compromising the Webhost Speed and Performance.

Siteground I can’t say is the cheapest one but Yes, it fulfils both the criteria at very Reasonable Price. There are a lot of webhost that are too much cheaper but you will see a lot of downtime and other Error Problem like Error 502, 503 etc.

I was a customer of Godaddy before because they had a cheap price hosting. But I had to face 2 – 3 problems every week regarding Downtime, Out of Resources, Unmanagable Traffic Problem even the Plan was Higher and Price was $5/ month.

After I came to Siteground, believe me I will never Migrate to any other webhost. And also After Applying Siteground Coupons and Discount Code You will get a Huge Discount of 75% OFF.

  • Best Speed Technology.

See, Speed is the most prior thing of website. Google Ranking is totally dependent on it. It is Proved that if your website takes 4 seconds or more than 4 seconds to load then the user will bounce back or will rather stop loading the page.

Let me give you brief about the Speed technology that Siteground uses.

SSD Technology : Solid State Drive stores data on Special Micro Chips which rely only on electronics with no moving Parts. So finding/ searching any data does not takes time as it does on HDDs.

Siteground Speed Technology SSD Drive
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NginX Server Speed : Nginx, pronounced like “engine-ex”, is an open-source web server now also used as a reverse proxy, HTTP cache, and load balancer. Big Tech firms like DuckDuckGo, Microsoft, IBM, Google, Adobe, LinkedIn, Cisco, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Intel, etc use it as their Server.

Siteground Speed Technology NginX Server
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SuperCacher : For CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc Cache is required to increase website load time. Other webhost provides Cache but it is not Free it is paid service their.

Siteground Speed Technology Gogeek Supercacher
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Free CDN by Cloudflare : Content Delivery Network helps in Speed Optimization. It does not matter where the Data Center is located or from where you accessing the website it will load at a similar faster speed.

Siteground Speed Technology free CDN
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Free SSL : SSL i.e. Secure Socket Layer is the standard security technology which establishes an encrypted link between a web server and web browser. Basically it helps in higher Ranking in Google.

Click here If You want to know further About it’s Speed Technology and it’s benefits in SEO.

  • Best Customer Support.

Best Siteground Customer Support
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They Provides Customer Support via 3 Options i.e. Live Chat, Ticket, and Phone. And you would not believe that their Customer Support is Rated 10/10 Globally.

They Provides the best Expertise in Technical Support whether it is of Coding Issue, Any Error, WordPress Issue or any damn issue. They are 24/7 with you.

Live Chat had a reply within 30 seconds, Tickets are Resolved within few Minutes. I have not tried Phone Support. If you have ever tried it then please let us know about it through your comment.

  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

If You are not happy with their service then you can cancel your Account and your all Money will be Refunded back to you.

(QUICK) Step by Step Guide to Using Our Siteground Coupons and Promo Code :

ACTIVATE the Siteground Coupons Code Now

  • Click the Siteground Coupons Code above. You will be automatically Redirected to SiteGound coupons discount Page.
  • Choose the Right Package, As You can see the Highest Discount is on GoGeek Plan i.e. of 75%. It is the most Profitable Plan here. By the Choose any of the hosting Plan as per your Requirement. Click “Order Now”.
  • Register a New Domain or Enter an Existing Domain which you have.

    SiteGround Domain Name Selection
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    Add Your Domain Name here

  • Fill Out other Details like your Email address, Card information and Click “Pay Now”.

About Siteground

Founded March 22, 2004; 15 years ago
HeadquartersSofia, Bulgaria
Number of employees 500+

Siteground About Us!
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Just like Facebook and Youtube, it was also founded in 2004 by some University Friends. Later on it had Grown upto 500+ Employs. It is now Serving more than 20,00,000 Domains Globally.

SiteGround has data centers in 4 countries: the United States, the Netherlands, UK, and Singapore.

SiteGround works with open source communities such as Joomla!, WordPress, Magento and others.

It provides custom server and application solutions for many open source applications, offers a collection of free tutorials and templates for many applications, and organizes educational webinars on different topics. It has also been a sponsor of WordCamp Europe since 2013.

(About Siteground) Source Credit : Wikipedia.



Does Siteground charges any Set Up fee?

No, does not charge any kind of Set up fee. However if You are buying Siteground hosting for 1 month only, then they will charge you $15.95 as Set Up. It is just to discourage users to not buy 1 month package. If you are buying 1 year Package Plan or Above then there will not be any Set Up fee Charges.

Does Siteground gives a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, it offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee full Refund claim. If you are not satisfied or not happy with Siteground’s Services, then you must cancel your Account and get your full Money Refunded back to you. The Guarantee covers Hosting fee only not domain registration fee.

Do Siteground Sell Domain Name as well?

Yes, but not exclusively. I mean You have to buy Siteground’s Webhosting Plan to buy a Domain Name from them.

Siteground’s Domain Name Registration Charges?

It charges $15.95 onwards annually for every Domain you Buy from their. I recommend you to buy it from any other Domain seller whoever is cheaper.

I Already Own a Domain. Can I use that to Register with Siteground Hosting?

Yes, Ofcourse You can use your domain to use that with SG Hosting Plan. When you Buy Siteground’s Hosting, then fill your domain name in the “I Already have a Domain Name” Section.

Does Siteground Offer Whois Guard or Domain Privacy?

Yes, they offers a service called Domain ID Protect feature that protects your personal details from being publicly available in the Whois database and makes the contact information related with your domain name private.

It is free of cost for Customers owing a .IT domain. For other domains it costs $1/month or $12 annually.

Which is the Best Siteground hosting Plan?

It depends as per individual user’s demand. If you want to start your Personal blog with single website, then the StartUp Plan under Shared Hosting would be enough for you.

However if you have more than one website or want to have more than one website, then it’s GrowBig Plan is good for You. There is a 75% OFF Siteground Coupons Discount OFF on it and it is a Limited Period Off.

Furthermore if you are having more than one Site and have a huge amount of Traffic then GoGeek Plan will suit you the best.

Does Siteground have Monthly Payment Option?

Yes, You can pay Monthly but only for 1 month with an Extra Set Up Charge of $15.95. Whereas it has  yearly payment cycle. You can choose a quarterly i.e. 3 months pack, or 1 Year, 2 Year, or 3 Year without any Extra Set up charges.

What are Siteground’s Payment Options?

They Accepts VISA, Master Card, American Express and Discover Credit Card Only. However Payment Methods may change depending on your Region/ Area.

Does it Accepts Payment through PayPal or Debit Card?

Not by default, but if you does not have a credit card, you can Request (via Live Chat, Ticket or Phone)  them to change your Payment method through PayPal or Debit Card.

Does Siteground Accepts Bitcoin or any Crypto Currency as their Payment Method?

No, not till now. May be in future.

Does SiteGround Offer Free trial as well?

Not by default. But I can Arrange you a one month Free trial. Click here to know how to have a free trial.

What if website goes out of Resources or Outgrows my hosting Plan?

Don’t Worry, You can Upgrade your website Resources at time you want. The hosting cost will get increased a bit. You can choose from any hosting plan you want then. Be it GoGeek Hosting Plan, or Dedicated Hosting or Cloud Hosting. You can Upgrade to any Plan you want as per Your website’s resource need.

How to Upgrade/ Downgrade Siteground Hosting Plan?

You can directly Upgrade/ Downgrade your Hosting Plan through User Area.

To Upgrade : Open the User Area > Go to Add Section > Click on Upgrade.

To Downgrade : Open the User Area > Support > Proceed to “Contact us” > Cancellations > Downgrades.

Does Siteground Offers FREE transfer Service?

Yes, If You having the hosting Plan above GrowBig or GoGeek then they will not charge you anything. With GrowBig Account you can transfer one website for free, whereas with GoGeek Plan You can transfer upto 5 websites for free. But if you are having the StartUp Hosting Plan then you will have to Pay Transferring Fee.

How to Transfer Your Website to Siteground Webhost?

You can Request a Site Transfer by using the Account Setup Wizard. On the Pop Up Window Click “Transfer a Website” and then Click “Confirm”.


Another way to request a transfer is by going to your User Area > Support >  Request Assistance from Siteground’s Team >  Proceed to “contact us here” link. Then Click Transfer Website. That’s it.

Is Siteground a Good Platform for Reseller Host?

Yes, it is a Good Platform for Reseller Host. Since it Popular Globally with it’s Speed Technology. It’s Reseller Plan is good to ensure some Profitability with increased Revenue.

Whereas it is as much as Cheap at $42/ Year, with Super Static cache and high Speed hosting Support.

What is Siteground Premium Support or Advanced Priority Service Support?

To minimize the Customer Support Service Response Time and Maximize the Customer Service Satisfaction, Siteground has introduced an Extra Service of Premium Support. It is Free GrowBig and GoGeek hosting Plan. The problems reported under our Premium Support subscription are assigned a top priority. They are automatically posted in a special, top-level category and handled with special priority.

Their usual Customer Support is though the best. But if you need Customer Support too many times then it will solve your problem. It will save a lot of your time.

Do I need to Apply Siteground Promo Code to Avail the 75% Siteground Coupons Discount?

No there is no need to apply any promo code, the link mentioned here will automatically redirect you to the 75% OFF Discount Coupon Page.

How to get the 75% OFF on Siteground GoGeek Hosting Plan Now?

Siteground 77% Off Coupon
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Here I have availed an ACTIVATED 75% OFF Siteground GoGeek Hosting Coupon, Click on the Discount Coupon and it will be Applied by itself.

Here are the Steps to get $25 Cashback if you buy Siteground webhosting from here after applying the Siteground Coupons and Promo Code.

  • After buying the siteground webhosting through our link. Email us at [email protected]
  • Subject would be : “Siteground Blogveda Cashback”.
  • Attach a Screenshot of the billing receipt. Remember the date of purchase should be mandatorily visible in it.
  • Mention Your PayPal id to Receive the $25 Cashback Payment.
  • Our Team at Blogveda will check whether it is bought through our link or not.
  • If Approved then we will send you the money within 30 to 35 day of purchasing date. See it takes 30 days because Siteground Offers 30 day Money Back Guarantee. Only after it we can give you the Cashback.
  • We have Partnered with Siteground and that’s the reason we can give you the Cashback Excusively only to our Readers.

Click here to Apply the Siteground Coupons Code

THANK YOU! For Giving your Precious time. Hope You enjoyed the Siteground Coupons and Promo Code 75% Discount Offer. Subscribe us! To get further such exciting Offers. Share it to your Friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Comment below if you have any query.

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