Siteground StartUp Review : Expert Opinion + LIVE Demo

Siteground Startup plan review

Siteground startup review. Confused about which web host you should choose?

The most common concern is about pricing and performance.

I too got stuck over this when I was purchasing my first ever web hosting plan, and unfortunately I purchased the wrong one i.e. Godaddy (since it was cheaper over others but very bad at performance).

But it’s a long past story, and till now I have purchased over 15+ different webhosts within such time span.

Note :  Siteground is one of my favorite webhost, But even yet my Siteground StartUp plan Review will be totally Unbiased.

And today, I will list all the parameters I have chosen to buy next web hosts (after few bad experiences).

I will compare all the parameters with the suitability of one’s need.

For the sake of simplicity, I have divided the whole topic into Pros and Cons .

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Pros of Siteground’s StartUp Plan


Siteground StartUp Plan : Price & Features

It’s Regular Pricing is way too high i.e. $11.95/month.

However Siteground is Offering a 60% OFF on it’s Shared Hosting plans. So with all plus and minuses the pricing of StartUp plan drops down to $3.95/month.

My Opinion : Since other two plans i.e. Growbig  ($5.95/mo) and GoGeek ($11.95/mo) are a bit costlier I found this Plan as best one for the beginners who are just starting their website.

Features :

  • For 1 WebSite.
  • 10 GB WebSpace.
  • Up to 10000 Visits Monthly.
  • Free SiteBuilder.
  • Free SSL and HTTPS.
  • Free Email Account.
  • Free Cloudflare CDN.
  • Free Daily Backups.
  • 24/7 Support.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • Unmetered Traffic.
  • Unlimited MySQL.
  • Free SSH.
  • Free Installation of CMS
  • cPanel & Softaculous
  • Siteground SuperCacher

Features (You will miss in StartUp plan)

  • Geeky Features
    • Advance Priority Support.
    • The Most Server Resources.
    • One-Click Git Repo Creation.
    • Manage White Label Hosting and Clients.


  • Premium Features
    • Extra Help on Free Site Transfer.
    • SuperCacher + for Extra High Speed.
    • Advance On-Demand BackUp.
    • WordPress Staging.
    • One-Click Git Creation.
    • Add Collaborators to your Site Feature.

My Opinion : If your plan is to run only one website. And If you are to begin with it. No matter whether you have to use WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla, etc. This plan is then suitable for you. Otherwise you should go with GrowBig or even further GoGeek plan.

Siteground’s Speed Technology

Speed is another prominent parameter before you decide to purchase a WebHost.

And using Siteground no matter which plan you are having with you. You will the same Speed technology all across the plans .

Let me brief you about it’s Speed Technology.

SSD Technology : Solid State Drive stores data on Special Micro Chips which rely only on electronics with no moving Parts. So finding/ searching any data does not takes time as it does on HDDs.

Nginx Server SpeedNginx, pronounced like “engine-ex”, is an open-source web server now also used as a reverse proxy, HTTP cache, and load balancer. Big Tech firms like DuckDuckGo, Microsoft, IBM, Google, Adobe, LinkedIn, Cisco, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Intel, etc use it as their Server.

SuperCacher : For CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc Cache is required to increase website load time. Other web hosts provide Cache but it is not Free it is a paid service.

Free CDN by Cloudflare : Content Delivery Network helps in Speed Optimization. It does not matter where the Data Center is located or from where you accessing the website it will load at a similar faster speed.

Free SSL : SSL i.e. Secure Socket Layer is the standard security technology which establishes an encrypted link between a web server and web browser. Basically it helps in higher Ranking in Google.

Click here If You want to know further About it’s Speed Technology and it’s benefits in SEO.

My Opinion : Since the Speed technology is similar in every plans. So you should not worry over it, unless you are planning for any other’s Webhosting plans.

Performance (with 7 months Uptime Proof)


StartUp Server ResourcesSiteGround StartUp Plan
Simultaneous Server Processes10
Single IP Simultaneous Connections10
Average Process Execution Time per Day2 seconds
CPU Seconds per Program1,000/hour
Server Memory per Process768 MB
CPU UsageNot over 20% for SiteGround StartUp plan for a period longer than 10 seconds
Minimum Cron Job Interval30 minutes


I have been using Siteground since more than 2 years, but during those days I have not been monitoring all the data in numbers. So I only have the Uptime Data of last 7 months as a proof.

You can use Uptime Robot, Pingdom, etc. to  monitor your’s Webhosting Uptime.

Dec 2019 average Uptime100%
Nov 2019 average Uptime99.99%
Oct 2019 average Uptime100%
Sep 2019 average uptime99.98%
Aug 2019 average Uptime99.95%
July 2019 average Uptime99.50% (lowest)
June 2019 average Uptime99.98%

My Opinion : Since the present Google Algorithm monitors and crawl every data of your website all the time. A Good Uptime Says positive to Google about your website. So Uptime is a very important parameter before choosing a WebHost. Here with the StartUp plan all I found is a Good experience (that’s what the above data in the table says).



Since all I can present here is only the past 7 months data in numbers.

I can tell you it was above average performance if you compare it with the cost-efficiency ratio.

Dec 2019 average Load time723 ms
Nov 2019 average Load time600 ms
Oct 2019 average Load time602 ms
Sep 2019 average Load time711 ms
Aug 2019 average Load time740 ms (slowest)
July 2019 average Load time634 ms
June 2019 average Load time650 ms


My Opinion : However Hosting is one of the factor that affects website’s Speed. From Your side you can do things like less plugins (in case of WordPress Users), Use of compressed image, less j-query strings, better CDN (it is free with StartUp Plan of Siteground). I will write a whole new article on How to maximize your website’s speed and minimize loadtime at the lowest with few Simple but effectual efforts. And for it You have to Subscribe BlogVeda (to subscribe scroll at the bottom of the post).

Use WordPress, Joomla and Drupal CMS with StartUp Plan

They have inbuilt WordPress, Joomla and Drupal rich features. Even the StartUp plan comes with a dedicated WordPress Expert Support Team that resolves particular issue you are facing with your WordPress website at time you want.

There are Joomla as well as Drupal Expert Team that resolve any issue you face.

eCommerce Hosting with StartUp Plan

You can run an eCommerce website even with this StartUp Plan. It comes with Free SSL feature Provided by  Let’s Encrypt SSL which is furthermore the most important thing in eCommerce websites. However it does not comes with PCI compliance (you will get it with GoGeek Plan).

Siteground’s Support Responsiveness

Siteground Contact us Support Page
  • Save
Support Contact Area New Look.


They promise a solution through reply of Ticket raised by you within 8 minutes. And I actually found their Reply within 6 minutes over an issue raised by me through a ticket to them.

Whereas other web hosts took more than 20-25 minutes (Some even took a whole day ) to response.

I found them very quick.

Live Chat Support

Hahaha. 😛

No Comments.

Otherwise You will found this review a biased one.

Wait! In brief. You will get a reply within 10 to 15 seconds.

And Resolute your problem within 5 mins.

Big ones may took more. I mean it’s up to the problem.


My Opinion : I would say getting a reply of your problem through a ticket within 10 minutes is even faster. Their response was mind-blowing.

Since I got a thorough solution to a coding problem on my website.

 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

StartUp plan comes up with 30 days money-back guarantee. So even on the 29th day you plan to cancel your purchase you can still cancel it with 100% Refund in your bank account. That will come with 10 to 15 working days.

My Opinion : Nowadays money-back guarantee is commonly provided by almost all web hosting companies. So it’s not an unique feature here. And Note like other web hostings Siteground also does not refund the domain purchase cost (since you can’t cancel domain with refund policy). So be careful before you purchase domain from SG. Otherwise I recommend you to buy the domain from somewhere else, where it is cheaper than this.

Cons of Siteground’s StartUp Plan


Host-only one Website

Yes, with StartUp you can host only one website. Other Plans allows more than one website.

Higher Renewal Rates

While it is one of the cheapest web host @ $3.95/month when you purchase at the beginning. But it’s Renewal Rates are Pretty high i.e. $11.95/month. Furthermore other plans also jumps to $19.95 and $34.95/month on Renewals.

No Free Migration

As compared to other plans i.e. Grow big and GoGeek, StartUp plan does not facilitates free Migration.

And If you are willing to migrate to Siteground either you have to pay or you have to do it manually.

$14.95 Setup Fee for one Month Plan

It is like, If you want to review Siteground only after wasting your money. Then you can buy there one plan. They will charge you an Extra $14.95 as Setup Fee plus $3.95 as purchasing fee. So all and all it’s an useless Idea.

No Free Domain

You will not get a domain free with Siteground. Not even with Growbig and GoGeek Plan.

Even the  domain is way too high i.e. $15.95 as compared to other domain providers.

So I recommend you to either use your already owned domain or  buy your domain from any other domain seller whichever you found cheaper.

You should choose StartUp plan over GrowBig/GoGeek Plan if :

  • You have to Host-only 1 website.
  • Your visitors per month are below 10k (well even 12k is workable)
  • Needs less than 10 GB of web storage.
  • You are a beginner.
  • You are a Simple Blogger.
  • You run a local business and wants a usual website.
  • Your website is a local tour and travel booking platform.
  • You don’t want to Pay much.

Now! If You are Ready to buy Siteground’s StartUp Plan, then I have a 60%  OFF Discount Coupon for You.

If You are interested, then click on the Discount link below .

Click here to get 60% OFF Siteground StartUp Discount

Since I also have a Siteground StartUp Account which I Signed up Years back.

I have secured it’s Screenshot of every steps it took me to buy it.

So here are the Steps to Buy the StartUp Plan of Siteground:

#1 Click here to navigate to 60% OFF StartUp Plan Page.

#2 Click on the “Get Started” Button.

#3 Choose Domain

#3.1 Either You Register a Domain from Siteground @ $15.95 (which I do not recommend)

#3.2 Enter a Domain You already own.

#3.3 Buy a Domain from somewhere you find cheapest.

#4 Enter Your Account Information

Make Sure You use a valid E-mail id, every information is correct.

Fill up Your Account info SiteGround
  • Save
Fill up Your Account info

#5 Fill the Purchase Information

I recommend you to buy it for 36 months (since renewals are costlier), or whatever time period suits your need.

Pay Now to Buy SiteGround Web Host
  • Save
Click Pay Now

#6 Payment Methods Available

There will be a visible payment method through credit card.

However You can Demand a Payment method through PayPal or through Debit Card.

That is through Live Chat with Siteground Support.

P.S. I have paid them via PayPal.

Well this is how the Siteground StartUp account Cpanel Look:

Siteground Free trial Cpanel
  • Save
SiteGround Cpanel



Does Siteground charge any Set-Up fee?

No, does not charge any kind of Set up fee. However if You are buying Siteground hosting for 1 month only, then they will charge you $15.95 as Set Up. It is just to discourage users to not buy 1 month package. If you are buying 1 year Package Plan or Above then there will not be any Set-Up fee Charges.

Does Siteground gives a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, it offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee full Refund claim. If you are not satisfied or not happy with Siteground’s Services, then you must cancel your Account and get your full Money Refunded back to you. The Guarantee covers Hosting fee-only not domain registration fee.

Do Siteground Sell Domain Name as well?

Yes, but not exclusively. I mean You have to buy Siteground’s Webhosting Plan to buy a Domain Name from them.

Siteground’s Domain Name Registration Charges?

It charges $15.95 onwards annually for every Domain you Buy from their. I recommend you to buy it from any other Domain seller whoever is cheaper.

I Already Own a Domain. Can I use that to Register with Siteground Hosting?

Yes, Ofcourse You can use your domain to use that with SG Hosting Plan. When you Buy Siteground’s Hosting, then fill your domain name in the “I Already Have a Domain Name” Section.

Does Siteground Offer Whois Guard or Domain Privacy?

Yes, they offers a service called Domain ID Protect feature that protects your personal details from being publicly available in the Whois database and makes the contact information related with your domain name private.

It is free of cost for Customers owing a .IT domain. For other domains it costs $1/month or $12 annually.

Which is the Best Siteground Hosting Plan?

It depends as per individual user’s demand. If you want to start your Personal blog with single website, then the StartUp Plan under Shared Hosting would be enough for you.

However if you have more than one website or want to have more than one website, then it’s GrowBig Plan is Good for You. There is a 75% OFF Siteground Coupons Discount OFF on it and it is a Limited Period Off.

Furthermore if you are having more than one Site and have a huge amount of Traffic then GoGeek Plan will suit you the best.

Does Siteground have Monthly Payment Option?

Yes, You can pay Monthly but only for 1 month with an Extra Set-Up Charge of $15.95. Whereas it has  yearly payment cycle. You can choose a quarterly i.e. 3 months pack, or 1 Year, 2 Year, or 3 Year without any Extra Set up charges.

What are Siteground’s Payment Options?

They Accepts VISA, Master Card, American Express and Discover Credit Card Only. However Payment Methods may change depending on your Region/ Area.

Does it Accepts Payment through PayPal or Debit Card?

Not by default, but if you does not have a credit card, you can Request (via Live Chat, Ticket or Phone)  them to change your Payment method through PayPal or Debit Card.

Does Siteground Accepts Bitcoin or any Crypto Currency as their Payment Method?

No, not till now. May be in future.

Does SiteGround Offer Free trial as well?

Not by default. But I can Arrange you a one month Free trial. Click here to know how to have a free trial.

What if website goes out of Resources or Outgrows my hosting Plan?

Don’t Worry, You can Upgrade your website Resources at time you want. The hosting cost will get increased a bit. You can choose from any hosting plan you want then. Be it GoGeek Hosting Plan, or Dedicated Hosting or Cloud Hosting. You can Upgrade to any Plan you want as per Your website’s resource need.

How to Upgrade/ Downgrade Siteground Hosting Plan?

You can directly Upgrade/ Downgrade your Hosting Plan through User Area.

To Upgrade : Open the User Area > Go to Add Section > Click on Upgrade.

To Downgrade : Open the User Area > Support > Proceed to “Contact us” > Cancellations > Downgrades.

Does Siteground Offers FREE transfer Service?

Yes, If You having the hosting Plan above GrowBig or GoGeek then they will not charge you anything. With GrowBig Account you can transfer one website for free, whereas with GoGeek Plan You can transfer up to 5 websites for free. But if you are having the StartUp Hosting Plan then you will have to Pay Transferring Fee.

How to Transfer Your Website to Siteground Webhost?

You can Request a Site Transfer by using the Account Setup Wizard. On the Pop Up Window Click “Transfer a Website” and then Click “Confirm”.


Another way to request a transfer is by going to your User Area > Support >  Request Assistance from Siteground’s Team >  Proceed to “contact us here” link. Then Click Transfer Website. That’s it.

Is Siteground a Good Platform for Reseller Host?

Yes, it is a Good Platform for Reseller Host. Since it Popular Globally with it’s Speed Technology. It’s Reseller Plan is good to ensure some Profitability with increased Revenue.

Whereas it is as much as Cheap at $42/ Year, with Super Static cache and high Speed Hosting Support.

What is Siteground Premium Support or Advanced Priority Service Support?

To minimize the Customer Support Service Response Time and Maximize the Customer Service Satisfaction, Siteground has introduced an Extra Service of Premium Support. It is Free GrowBig and GoGeek Hosting Plan. The problems reported under our Premium Support subscription are assigned a top priority. They are automatically posted in a special, top-level category and handled with special priority.

Their usual Customer Support is though the best. But if you need Customer Support too many times then it will solve your problem. It will save a lot of your time.


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